About Trail M’ Road

Tracing the cliffs of the Gorges du Verdon, crossing the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau, or skirting the turquoise waters of Lac Saint Croix, Trail M’Road offers a breathtaking selection of tours for riders seeking an authentic motorcycle experience that is in harmony with nature and the local way of life.

Randonnées en moto à travers la Provence



Guillaume, a certified trail guide (French diploma: CQP Guide Rando Moto Verte/Quad), will help you discover Verdon, the Var, and Upper Provence through one of two types of itineraries: there are tours that follow the picturesque roads of the region and tours that artfully combine forest and agricultural trails with small local roads.

Trail M’Road offers its clients a unique and intimate opportunity to discover one of France’s most beautiful regions. Group size is limited to six motorcycles plus the guide, so each individual rider is provided with specially tailored service. Smaller groups also mean riders remain closer together on the roads and trails for greater security and deeper fellowship.

Each rider will be linked to the guide via intercom so they can fully benefit from historical and environmental insights and also be warned of approaching dangers. Guillaume speaks fluent English and French and will cater to riders in the language of their preference. Riders also benefit from their certified guide’s local expertise and 15 years of motorcycle experience (road, motocross, and enduro).

By visiting Verdon and Upper Provence with Trail M’Road, you will go off the beaten track to discover the unrivalled beauty of the region while benefiting from an insider’s knowledge of the best local restaurants, lodgings, and artisans. Guillaume’s agricultural background and knowledge of the area’s nature, history, and architecture will provide fascinating context for everything you see in this glorious part of the world.


THE CONCEPT: Don’t Just Travel Through Provence, Live It!

Randonnées moto, quads Verdon - Provence

The paradox of the world’s great tourist sites is that they draw people for their stunning beauty and riveting history, but the visitor’s experience is often reduced to seeing a few iconic locations and hearing a few tired clichés. Trail M’Road offers its clients an exclusive opportunity to go beyond the superficial Provençal experience by delving into the region’s natural splendour and truly getting to know its villages and people.

Thanks to Trail M’Road, you will see something beyond the Provence of the postcards. The experience begins at the departure point near the hilltop village of Saint-Jurs at the foot of the Montdenier massif. You will meet your guide at La Ferme de Vauvenières, a country inn and a working organic farm that specializes in grain and lavender farming.

La Ferme de Vauvenières offers several choices of holiday cottages and also has a natural campground on its farm with 25 campsites spread across two hectares of land. The farm is perfectly located to easily visit the Valensole plateau, the Gorges du Verdon, and all the wonders of Upper Provence.

Visitors have the opportunity to buy an array of local products directly from the farm: lavender oil, olive oil, jams, vegetables…

Breakfast is served at the Auberge de Vauvenières, which is located on the farm, and the hosts can cook lunch or dinner any time of the year upon advance reservation. This gives riders the chance to eat at the farm after their day’s ride.

Having Guillaume as your motorcycle guide is the perfect guarantee of authenticity. Not only was he raised in the area, but his vast experience with local farms and his long hours spent riding the region’s roads and trails have given him unparalleled insights into the area. With his deep knowledge of local history, flora, and fauna, he is the ideal guide to take you along the sun-drenched roads and trails of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and the Var.

There are tours for all levels of riders and each one promises an unforgettable experience. These are the roads and the trails that a GPS will never let you find!

Finally, a carefully chosen network of farmers and artisans give Trail M’Road riders a chance to sample the very best local products. The guide’s deep roots in the region have allowed him to create unique tours that offer people a true taste of this celebrated region.